Words from the Managing Director

Dear Students, Parents, and Visitors, I am glad to welcome you on behalf of the Ilula Peacemakers Vocational Training Center. Our purpose is clear yet significant: to deliver high-quality vocational education and training that provides you with practical skills that will enable you to prosper in your chosen career steps. We believe in complete growth, which includes not only academic excellence but also character development, leadership, and community involvement. We maintain the highest academic and ethical standards, and we encourage creativity and innovation in all aspects of learning. I welcome you to browse our website and learn more about our courses, programs, and campus life. We believe that you will find Ilula Peacemakers to be an excellent place to further your studies.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus and assisting you in realizing your goals.
Ernest Msigwa, Managing Director Ilula Peacemakers Vocational Training Center

Why Choose Us

Industry-Driven Curriculum

Our programs are carefully designed in partnership with industry professionals to guarantee that our students receive the most relevant and up-to-date education. To prepare students for real-world issues, we emphasize practical skills and hands-on experience.

Experienced Staff

Our teaching staff are highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge in their domains. They are enthusiastic about teaching and are committed to developing each student’s talents.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our college has modern, well-equipped computer labs and sewing studios, making it a great place for hands-on learning. To stay up with industry changes, we continually invest in cutting-edge technology and equipment.



ILULA PEACEMAKERS Vocational Training Center desires to create positive impacts in the technology and fashion design industries by providing quality education, supporting skill development, boosting entrepreneurship, and developing a culture of peace and unity.


ILULA PEACEMAKERS Vocational Training Center aims to be a well-known institution that trains students for successful careers in technology and fashion design while also making a significant contribution to society and empowering individuals to shape a better future.


ILULA PEACEMAKERS Vocational Training Center is committed to offering excellent education, improving skill development, supporting entrepreneurship, adopting ethical practices, connecting with the community, and cultivating an everlasting love of learning in its students. 

Organizational Values

ILULA PEACEMAKERS Vocational Training Center values are the principles and beliefs that influence the organization’s actions and form its culture. These values serve as the framework for college decision-making, interactions, and general behavior. ILULA PEACEMAKERS embraces the following key values:

  1. ILULA PEACEMAKERS places emphasis on excellence in all aspects of education and training. The college strives for high academic quality, student performance, and professional development standards. It promotes a culture of continual improvement and strives to exceed expectations by providing the finest learning experience possible.
  2. ILULA PEACEMAKERS places an emphasis on honesty and ethical behavior. In all contacts, both within the institution and with external stakeholders, the college respects honesty, transparency, and responsibility. ILULA PEACEMAKERS fosters a culture of trust and integrity, establishing an environment in which individuals act honestly and ethically.
  3. Respect: ILULA PEACEMAKERS believes in treating all people with dignity and fairness. The college supports diversity and strives to provide an open and supportive atmosphere that welcomes people from many origins, viewpoints, and ideas. ILULA PEACEMAKERS promotes mutual respect, open communication, and collaboration among students, staff, and the community at large.
  4. ILULA PEACEMAKERS fosters innovation and encourages creative problem-solving and education. The college supports the development of innovative ideas, concepts, and technologies in the fields of technology and fashion design.
  5. ILULA PEACEMAKERS understands the value of collaboration and partnership. The college fosters a culture of cooperation and collaboration by encouraging students to collaborate, share knowledge, and encourage one another’s advancement. ILULA PEACEMAKERS believes that collaborative efforts produce better results and that it prepares students for success in a collaborative industry setting.


ILULA PEACEMAKERS Vocational Training Center’s philosophy includes the underlying values and principles that influence its instructional approach and overall mission. It reflects the college’s underlying beliefs and serves as a framework for decision-making and goal-setting. The following are some essential features of the ILULA PEACEMAKERS philosophy:

  1. Student-Centered Approach: ILULA PEACEMAKERS adheres to a student-centered philosophy, which places the learner at the center of the educational process. The college believes that each student is unique, with their own set of talents, goals, and learning styles. ILULA PEACEMAKERS seeks to provide a friendly and inclusive atmosphere that responds to its students’ different needs, supporting personal growth, creativity, and academic success.
  2. Practical Relevance: ILULA PEACEMAKERS emphasizes the practical relevance of education and training. By delivering hands-on learning experiences, real-world projects, and industry collaborations, the institution hopes to bridge the gap between theory and practice. ILULA PEACEMAKERS assures that its curriculum and teaching techniques are in line with current industry trends and demands, preparing students to flourish in the technology and fashion design industries.
  3. ILULA PEACEMAKERS believes that innovation and entrepreneurship are critical drivers of growth and success. Students are encouraged to embrace creativity, think beyond the box, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset at the college. ILULA PEACEMAKERS promotes an environment that encourages innovation, bravery, and the development of new ideas. The institution provides students with resources, coaching, and assistance to help them turn innovative ideas into practical solutions and entrepreneurial enterprises.
  4. ILULA PEACEMAKERS places a strong emphasis on community engagement and social impact. The college understands its obligation to constructively contribute to the community it serves.



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School Fees


Short Courses

Information communication technology (ICT)

769000 Tshs

300,000 Ths

60,000 Tshs

Design, Sewing and Cloth Technology (DSCT)

769000 Tshs

300,000 Ths

60,000 Tshs

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